Privacy & Security

We Are Watching

It is a mandatory requirement for all TRE GI employees, that the privacy and confidentially of all clients is number 1.

No Photos

No clients or factory workers may take any photos on the production floor.

Multi-layer Security

The entire premises, inside and out, is operated by both electronic and manual security systems.

Finished Garment Protection

Garments ready for shipping are placed inside black garment cases, ensuring maximum privacy.

Complete Confidentiality

No employee can share any information of one client with another.


100% Complete

Pattern Secrecy 100%

100% Complete


0% Complete

During the initial stages, we fully support all clients with there ideas, we can offer our own confidential input during the planning stage to ensure the best quality garment.


Then during the production of the garment, we ensure maximum privacy and no external visitors may visit the production floor during production hours.


Once garments are ironed and hung, they are moved to the private internal showroom, they are placed inside black coat bags, ensuring maximum confidentially of the finished garments.

We Ensure Peace of Mind To All

Any Privacy Questions? Sure!