Italian Sustainability

We have taken the initiative to introduce even more ethical, sustainable and animal free alternatives within the luxury market, as well as offering a financial initiative to a start-up sustainable project.

We offer a direct replacement for the traditional goose and white duck down filling, which is totally man-made.  The replacement down we offer gives the same warmth and feel as goose feathers and offers the same flexibility to match the look the client requires, we are able to alter the filling to replicate numerous fits, slim, casual, puffed and so on.

We are happy to announce we are now sourcing an eco-friendly nylon.

We are, trusted by the elite of Italy for a reason. Everything we do has to maintain our family businesses reputation. Our company has an extremely low level of staff turnover, and we hope to have more opportunities for new staff in the future.

Finest Sustainable Cashmere

The chemical-free cashmere we offer is also 100% recycled, the purpose of this alternative is to show the market that we can still produce the highest quality luxury in Italy, with Italian fabrics and the garment can be sustainable.

It has become a recurring theme that, many people call for change but don’t really act upon it in a systematic way. From our end, we are offering a financial incentive to start-up clients whose production will contain 100% sustainable materials. Please contact us for more information.

We do still have a requirement for goose down from some clients within the luxury market, in this case, we ensure the feathers used are not from any farmed animals for feathers, everything is obtained from birds who have been used for poultry.

We have all seen the horror show of fur farms in China, this is something we are strongly against, this is one of many reasons we source materials from Italy, ensuring and maintaining the highest level of quality control

March 2019, we are now offering a 100% recycled waterproof, not resistant, polyester, perfect for those summer rain trench coats and bomber jackets.

With the ever-increasing damage to our ocean in particular, we now are pushing a direct replacement for the technical fabric, which is 100% recycled, made from plastic bottles.